Our Review of the Famous NYC Hotel “The Plaza”

We stayed at the iconic 19th century hotel known as “The Plaza” in NYC. It is a 5 star hotel that has been around for quite awhile, and generally boasts good reviews.

Our mission was to see whether or not the hotel lived up to its high prices and rave reviews.

Our first impressions of the hotel was great, it was clean, spacious, and the staff seemed very professional.

We did encounter a minor issue when arriving, our room was not available for about 30 minutes after we arrived, however we did arrive at 1 PM which is still considered early by most hotel standards.

Upon arriving in the room we were impressed, the beds were very comfortable and the room was very clean. There was no odor or visible stains in any part of the room, which means it had been maintained very well.

The food court and food accommodations were great. we would not rate them a 10/10, but for a hotel they were a solid 8/10 which is quite good as a couple of us are picky eaters.

We attended the afternoon tee, and while the $75 charge was slightly costly, it was great tea and had a great vibe.

The only negative experience was the bathroom. The shower head was leaky and the bathtub needed to be re-grouted. Overall, we would give this hotel a 4.5/5 stars. It might be slightly overpriced, but it was still an excellent experience that we would recommend to any tourist or traveler seeking a nice stay.